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Design Your Path

Receive one-on-one, personaized guidance from university professionals, tailored to your specific needs and interests. We have done all the work in finding courses that are highly recommended by students and offer flexibility to design your path at the U. During your advisng meeting, we will complete creating your semester schedule.

General Education Recommendations

ART 2060 Non-Major Digital Photography (3 credits) (FF)

ENTP 1010 Entrepreneurship & Society (3 credits) (BF)

FILM 1600 Animation (3 credits) (FF)

PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)(HF)

SW 3550 Soc Div & Cultural Understanding (3 Credits)(DV)*

COMM 1020 Principal Public Speaking (3 credits) (HF)

ENVST 2100 Intro to Envir. & Sustain. (3 credits) (BF)

HNKLY 3910 Political Forum Series (3 credits)(CW)

PRT 3610 The Global Citizen (3 credits)(IR)

WRTG 2010 Intermediate Writing (3 credits)(WRT2)

DANC 1010 Dance in Cultures (3 credits)(FF)

FILM 1110 Introduction to Film (3 credits)(HF)*

NUIP 3620 Cultural Aspects of Food (3 credits)(IR)

PSY 1010 General Psychology (3 credits)(BF) *

Major Exploration Recommendations

COMM 2050 Kickstart to Communitication (2 credits)

ENGIN 1022 Survey to Engineering (2 credits)

LDRSP 2020 Foundations of Leadership (3 credits)

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Last Updated: 4/8/22